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May 11, 2023

Scio, OR

Ruhr Valley 1945
2nd SS Deutschland

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New locations being setup.

(Updated October 31, 2022)

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"Deutschland Rgt Recruitment"

SS-Hauptscharfűhrer Kohler: waffenkohler@yahoo.com

Lieber SS-Kriegsfreiwilliger!

"Welcome to Deutschland Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Kompanie of the 2nd SS Panzerdivision Das Reich. The finest Waffen SS re-enactment/living history unit in the world! There are a great amount of different reasons why a man may choose to re-enact, but there is one reason that binds us all together. History. History is the first and foremost governing factor in everything we as re-enactors must take into consideration. Joining Deutschland Regiment; you will be among others who have the same interest in history and motivation for authenticty. We fight, eat and sleep as a unit and share in the misery and laurels of victory! Join us

Gratuliere! You are interested in the Western American Reenactors 1944 reenactment unit, the 2nd "Deutschland" division, and probably have all kinds of questions now regarding our structure and organization. This page should give you a good idea of what to expect of us and what we will expect of you.


We accept new members who can convincingly portray a German soldier of WW2. No, you do not have to have a 2% body fat index but you have to be height/weight proportional. This is an at times strenuous hobby, you have to on occasion, be able to sprint 20-30 feet or climb in and out of vehicles quickly without collapsing or passing out. If you have major medical conditions that rule this type of activity out, this is not the hobby for you. We recommend you have less than a 48" chest and 40" waist


We portray an elite military organization and maintain policies that are vital to achieving and keeping this standard. You will portray an elite, motivated SOLDIER and this will mean having to think and act like an elite SOLDIER. Your NCOs will give orders to a group or individuals. We do not reenact the Communist October revolution and therefore do not make decisions through soldier's committees unless they are club issues. You may be ordered to do routine soldier's tasks such as: fill canteens, get up early for drill, clean your weapon, run a message, etc. and should have no problems with this. If you have authority issues, behavioral problems or are not able or willing to work as part of a team, this is not your unit.

What will NOT happen:

You will not be harassed, hazed, screamed at, humiliated or ordered to do unreasonable things. Physical violence, threatening behavior or theft will absolutely not be tolerated even once. This is a gentlemen's club.

What WILL happen:

You will be treated in a fair and consistent manner as a Kamerad and brother of the unit by your superiors and fellow grenadiere. You will adhere to unit standards of behavior, safety and authenticity at all times.


This hobby requires a lot of gear but don't worry, you will not be expected to buy it all at once. We are happy to loan items out to you so you can come out to an event. If you decide to join and are accepted, you will purchase items according to your financial abilities. DO NOT purchase ANYTHING before having spoken with us about what is acceptably authentic looking gear, or you may waste money and be very disappointed. After roughly one year in the unit you should own the basic uniform of a Grenadier.


You will advance in rank and responsibility according to your attendance of events, knowledge of Waffen SS aspects, willingness to contribute time and resources to the unit and your ability to competently lead and instruct men. Military decorations are awarded according to strong merit in combat or contributions to the unit.


You will eat with your Kameraden in a mess hall or in the field utilizing your mess kits. In the field, warm rations are generally delivered to the troops by the mess cook by truck or motorcycle. The food is German, plentiful and of good quality. You may supplement your rations with whatever authentic food items you wish to bring. Alcoholic beverages are not included in rations but coffee, etc. is.


Alcohol consumption: 21 and older, only during free time in the evenings. Drugs: We operate dangerous vehicles, real weapons and carry potentially hazardous blank ammunition. If a Grenadier appears to be under the influence of drugs, it is his last event ever, period

Mit uns zum Sieg!